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Facebook for Car Reconditioners: Never Lose a Good Customer Again

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Let’s get some bad news on the table first: a Facebook page won’t bring you much new business. Think about it. When you need a plumber, do go on Facebook? Of course not…you ask around, you check Google, you read reviews, etc. And your customers aren’t on Facebook looking for a dent service, a detail shop, etc. either.

But there is good news: a Facebook page can ensure that you never lose a customer to the competition again. The idea of Facebook is for your customers to get to know your company (no, not your services, or your prices, or your sales) in a personal way. That is, they’ll get to know the owner, the employees, the successes, the failures…just like they get to know their friends. And when they need a car detail or a dent removed, they come back to you…just like an old friend.

So, if you want that never-dying loyalty from your customers, here’s 4 tips for running a successful Facebook page:

  1. Offer a discount for “Likes.” Customers don’t easily make the effort to follow your page…especially if you’re not their favorite “Dancing with the Stars” celeb, so give them an incentive (15% off; free extras; a free bottle of glass cleaner and a microfiber, etc.) for following your page.
  2. Post photos of your work…twice a month. People seem to love before/after photos of dents, bumpers, seat bolsters, dirty cars, etc. You don’t have to say much in your Facebook pages (people are busy, right), but some really clear photos remind them of who you are and what you do.
  3. “Let them in” on changes in your business. Hire someone new? Post a photo and bio of him/her. Buy a new shop car? Post a photo/bio of it. Your customers like to feel like they’re “part of something.” Like they’re growing the business along with you.
  4. Become their car care expert. Encourage your customers to ask you questions about paint care, leather care, wheel cleaning, recommended products, etc.

Want an example of Facebook done right? This Cincinnati dent company has over 450 followers who probably think only of their business when they think of dent repair:


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