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The 4 most useful apps for car reconditioners.

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Do you find time spent that time spent writing invoices, collecting payment, and organizing your wholesale accounts reduces time for real work?

[pullquote]IPhone/Android apps can help reduce paperwork, and keep your mind free to make cars beautiful.[/pullquote]

Here’s my 4 favorites.

1. Recon Pro

Designed specifically for automotive reconditioners, Recon Pro has released an application that allows users to book, estimate and bill reconditioning work from a mobile device.

With Recon Pro, a few taps on a cell phone or handheld computer screen, recommended repairs are logged and automatically converted into a customer proposal.

The Recon Pro app has the ability to integrate with your QuickBooks account, helping your business run even smoother. The Recon Pro technology specifically calculates estimates for reconditioning services including dent repair, paint repair, detailing, windshield repair and interior repair.

In addition to estimates, the application produces work orders, and revenue and productivity reports. Business owners can access all of this information from a dashboard on their smart phones.

Worth trying if you handle large wholesale accounts.

2. Inspect 2Go

This application offers new vehicle inspection checklists using mobile technology. Use checklists to organize:

  • photos
  • markups
  • important repairs

The checklists can then be shared with multiple departments using the cloud software designed for the app. Inspect2Go also allows custom configuration for clients by giving the option to use logos or letterheads and any forms unique to the client. Reports, graphs, and trends can be accessed.

3. QuickBooks

Many companies and businesses use QuickBooks to help manage finances, but the QuickBooks connect application makes transactions even easier.

Uses for the app:

  • Sync with your office computer. Enter transactions from any tablet or phone and it will automatically sync with the QuickBooks in the office.
  • Manage lots of customer accounts, at a glance. You can view and manage customer accounts while also overseeing sales and customer service.
  • End the clutter of paperwork. The application permits you to make estimates, receipts, and invoices using your mobile device.

The QuickBooks connect app can also be used on a computer. This app allows you to take your reconditioning business anywhere.

4. SquareUp

The new SquareUp application allows businesses to accept credit cards from a mobile device. Though there are several other apps that allow you to do this, SquareUp has a one of the highest ratings and largest user bases.

This application lets anyone make transactions which can then be easily transferred into QuickBooks. SquareUp helps making sales easier and lets business accept payments anywhere they want to. The accessibility of payments on a mobile app helps mobile techs to better serve their customer.

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