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Survey: Public opinions of Professional Auto Detailers

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[pullquote]Why is the average person so willing to pay a professional for car repair, and so reluctant to pay a professional for car detailing?[/pullquote]

We surveyed 80 American car owners and discovered that they’re more willing to pay a pro than we expected if:

  1. The price is right.
  2. They believe they can’t do the job themselves.

Read on and discover what changes you can make to your detailing business to reach a bigger audience.

1: How important is the appearance of your car?

What it means to you:

65% of people want what you’re selling. Vanity and the desire for order and cleanliness are in high demand, so don’t buy into the lie that car detailing is a service only for the wealthy.


2: Have you ever paid to have your car detailed? If so, what did you pay?

What it means to you:

40% of drivers will buy what you’re selling.

But you’re going to need a ‘loss leader.’ It’s not as scary as it sounds. When I ran my detail shop, we offered a Wash/Wax/Shampoo ‘Special’ that started at $125. It included:

  • Car Wash
  • Machine wax
  • Windows
  • Dash/Console cleaning
  • Vacuum
  • Spot-shampoo

Almost nobody paid $125 because we charged more based on size and condition. But the low price got people in the door, where they could see the investment in our equipment and the passion of our employees. And once we had their trust, they were willing to spend more with us.


3: Which is more important to you, a clean interior or a clean exterior?

What it means to you:

Do better interior work, and prove it.

Invest in a steamer or heated carpet extractor. If you’re not using compressed air to clean in tight areas, get a compressor and blow gun ASAP.

Prove that you’re not just vacuuming and wiping down your customers cars with graphic photos, like these, on carpooldetail.com:



4. What’s most important when choosing a local car detailer (choose 2)?

What it means to you:

Don’t wait for referrals and reviews…ASK FOR THEM.

I discuss how, in this article.


5. What’s most important when choosing a local car detailer (choose 2)?

What it means to you:

Don’t wait for referrals and reviews…ASK FOR THEM.

I discuss the tactics that got us 160 4+ star Google reviews, in this article.


6. Do you feel that you can achieve the same results as professional car detailers, if given enough time?

What it means to you:

Don’t say you can do a better job…show them.

See how Car Pool Detail of Richmond, VA lets their work do the talking, on their website:




7. Would you ever give a family member or friend a gift certificate for car detailing, if it cost you $200?

What it means to you:

Make it easy to buy gift certificates, and make it known that you sell them.

Here’s how to set up your website to sell gift certificates, for free, in about an hour:


Download this form, which collects your customers’ emails so you can contact them about gift certificate specials during Christmas, Mothers’ Day, and Valentines’ Day:



Audience Demographics:

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