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Take the 2013 Survey of Automotive Appearance Professionals

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Complete this 15 question survey in 5 minutes and:

  • Learn about your colleagues. On Feb. 25 we’ll email you what we discovered about PDR, detailing, and interior repair techs like yourself: what they earn, and what they like least and most about their job.
  • Possibly win $50! A random participant gets a VISA gift card.


Make $100s more every day with our equipment.

Our paint touch up, alloy wheel repair, and leather & vinyl recoloring systems make it easy to offer the services your customers are asking for:

  • Learn at home with DVD training.
  • Explore opportunities without risk: 60 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • Support from friendly, experienced techs.

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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