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WheelPro__ Wheel Repair System

WheelPro__ Wheel Repair System

28.00 LBS

Product Description

Repair damaged wheels of any color in just 30 minutes for big profits!

  • Profit $120 per wheel
  • Learn in 6 hours
  • Done in 30 minutes

Product Description

Wheel repair: An easier way to make money.
Stay busy all year-round, in any car market.

  • Demand is high. Car dealers, people who buy car detaling, and auto body shops need the convenience and cost savings of repairs.
  • Competition is low. Enjoy less price haggling and more loyalty from your customers.
  • Profits are high. Customers are thrilled to pay $130+ for convenience and savings. Your cost is just $10 per wheel.
WheelPro at work

_Our most popular upsell.__

We did 10 wheel repairs in our first week with your kit at our detail shop. Word of mouth spread fast! We__re now doing wheel repair for our dealer accounts. The extra money makes the time we spend on their cars worth it. Thank you!

P. Schimper
Chicago, IL

WheelPro: The world__s easiest-to-use wheel repair solution.
With simplified color matching and study-at-home training, anyone can add wheel repair service.

matching color to Wheeldeck swatch book

Step 1: Choose a matching _swatch.__


The WheelDeck has over 50 laminated color chips to choose from.


All other systems ask you that you match color with _guess and check__–a process that can take 10 minutes or more!

Mixing wheel paint

Step 2: Mix the paint. Directions are on _the swatch__!


Combine paints get the exact color you see on the _swatch.__ The directions are on the swatch itself!


The included .01 gram scale ensures exactness. If neeeded, _tint__ by adding darker or lighter paints. We show you how.

Who Needs WheelPro?

Auto Detailers
Stop outsourcing wheel repair. Get the profits for yourself.


PDR Techs:
Offer another service and make more on every stop of your route.


Auto Dealers:
Cut reconditioning costs and add used car profits.


Start a high profit part- or full-time business.


No auto body experience necessary.

Most of our customers have never painted an automobile in their life. And all of them report that the training materials they received with their WheelPro prepared them to create gorgeous repairs for their customers, sometimes within a week of getting their equipment!

Learn in hours, at home.

Learning WheelPro at home

You won__t need to leave town and spend $1000s in training at a _school__ because we bring the learning to you, in three steps:


Step 1: Watch the DVD. Watch along as we fix all three types of damage: curb, lip-only, and deep cuts.

Step 2: Read the manual. Pick up tips for saving time as well as creative sales ideas. This book comes in handy for troubleshooting _on the job.__

Step 3: Practice. Get 2 or 3 used wheels from a parts yard and practice, practice, practice.


Free tech support: Call to get help from experienced wheel techs, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST.

Get stunning repairs like these.
From curb rash to full face repairs, WheelPro handles the same jobs as systems costing two, three, or even five times as much!

Repair lips of _turned metal__ finishes too!

But __no chrome or bent wheels.

See it work:
We repair common _curb rash__ on this BMW wheel.

Watch and learn.

How you will get like-new results every time in 7 easy steps.

  1. Clean, Mask, and Scuff (0:00 – 1:07)
  2. Grind (1:07 – 3:19)
  3. Sand (3:19 – 3:50)
  4. Prime (3:50 – 4:37)
  5. Mix & Match Paint (4:37 – 6:43)
  6. Spray Basecoat (6:43 – 9:09)
  7. Spray Clearcoat (9:09 – 11:14)

Get everything you need.

You only supply a 2+ horsepower air compressor.

Kit contents

Repair over 100 wheels (and deposit $12,000 in the bank).

New: 3 oz. spray gun does the little jobs and big jobs, faster.


  • 3 oz. HVLP Spray Gun
  • .01 gram digital scale
  • 6 extra airbrush glass bottles
  • Plastic overspray shield
  • WheelDeck color match guide
  • 32 oz. silver paint
  • 8 oz. primer
  • 3 oz. black paint
  • 2 oz. white paint
  • 1 oz. brown paint
  • 1 oz. green-blue paint
  • 1 oz. magenta paint
  • 24 oz. paint reducer
  • 8 oz. clear coat
  • 8 oz. activator

Prep & Sand


  • Right angle die grinder
  • 5 medium grinder disks
  • 5 fine grinder disks
  • (25) 320 grit sandpaper disks
  • (25) 500 grit sandpaper disks
  • (25) 800 grit sandpaper
  • Paper cups and stir sticks
  • JB Weld steel filler
  • Needle file
  • 8 oz. wax and grease remover
  • 2 scuff pads
  • 2 microfiber towels
  • 3 tack rags

Order supplies online, any time: 2-4 day delivery!

Frequently asked questions.

What kind of paint is this?

Sherwin Williams solvent-based basecoat/clearcoat.

  • Dries fast. Spray in temperatures from 10 – 120 degrees F.
  • Excellent coverage. Use less paint.
  • Leak-free bottles. Won__t free or dry out in extreme weather.
  • Durable. Chip-resistant, high temp-resisant clear coat.

We cannot ship to California, where solvent-based paints cannot be used.

What can I charge?

$125 – $150 per wheel, retail. $50 – $100 per wheel to car dealers.

Why is this kit so much cheaper than others?

First, you aren__t paying for the cost of a classroom and trainers. Second, with most other systems you are essentially investing in a mobile paint booth: a large truck in which you repair large volumes of wheels. WheelPro is for smaller business that will repair, at most 12 wheels a day.

Why leave the wheel ON the car?

For speed and simplicity. When you need to rotate the wheel just move the car forward and backward.



satisfaction guaranteed

Always ships within 24 hours to:

USA $42 2-4 day delivery
Canada $94 3-7 day delivery
International $111 – $167 5 – 14 day delivery

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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