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WC500 Windshield Chip Repair System

WC500 Windshield Chip Repair System

4.00 LBS

Product Description

Repair chipped auto glass in 15 minutes and make big profits.

  • Make $50 per car
  • Done in 15 minutes
  • Learn in 4 hours

Product Description

The Applied Colors WC500 windshield repair system:
Make more money per car without adding expensive or complicated equipment.


high profit high demand

Who Needs the WC500?

Auto Detailers
Stop outsourcing windshield repair. Get the profits for yourself.


PDR Techs:
Offer another service and make more on every stop of your route.


Auto Dealers:
Cut reconditioning costs and add used car profits.


Start a high profit part- or full-time business.


No experience necessary.

Most of our customers have never repaired a windshield in their life. And all of them report that the training materials they received with their WC500 prepared them to create gorgeous repairs for their customers, sometimes the day after receiving the box!

Learn without risk with pre-chipped practice glass.


Practice in your garage without the risk of cracking a customer__s $250 windshield!

dent ninja


_I Love your glass resin!__
Cures quickly and fills chips completely. Very happy with these repairs.

-J Giles
The Dent Ninja

Learn in hours, at home.

Learning the WC500 at home

Step 1: Read the manual.

Pick up tips for saving time as well as creative sales ideas. This book comes in handy for troubleshooting _on the job.__

Step 2: Watch the DVD.

Learn to make permanent, inconspicuous repairs you__re customers will love.

Step 3: Build your skills.

Practice on the included sample glass until you__re ready to offer glass repair @ $55 a repair.

WC500 repairs are virtually invisible.
UV-cured resin ensures durability.

See it work:
Video of a bulls-eye repair.

Watch and learn.

  1. Inspecting the chip (0:00 – 0:19)
  2. Heating the repair area (0:20 – 0:25)
  3. Drilling the impact point (0:26 – 0:33)
  4. Using the repair bridge (0:34 – 1:03)
  5. Injecting the fill resin (1:04 – 1:36)
  6. Applying the pit resin (1:37 – 1:51)
  7. Sealing the repair (1:52 – 2:20)
  8. Reviewing the results (2:21 – 2:45)

Kit Contents:
Enough supplies for 40 repairs!

  • 1 Repair Bridge System
  • 5 External End Seals
  • 1 1/2 oz bottle of Repair Resin
  • 1 1/4 oz bottle of Pit Filler Resin
  • 100 Curing Film Strips
  • 1 Ultra-Violet Light
  • 1 Box Razor Blades
  • 5 Drill Bits (#701)
  • 1 Two Point Probe
  • 10 Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • 1 Heating Element
  • 1 Repair Manual / Business Guide + DVD Training
  • 1 Drill and Charger
  • 1 Sheet Pre-Chipped Practice Glass
  • 5 Inner O Rings

Order supplies online, any time: 2-4 day delivery!

Frequently asked questions.

Can I bill insurance companies?
Yes, it__s easy. We include instructions, and a sample invoice. One important note: before performing your repair, sure to CALL the customers__ insurance company to verify that they have glass repair coverage.


How much are refills?
Resin bottles are $17 each and contain enough material for about 40 repairs.

Are dealers demanding glass repair?
Yes, though they pay 50-65% less than retail. But even at $25 per repair, your cost is less than $1 and dealers usually have more than one car for you, so per hour you match your retail income.

Try it: You have nothing to lose.
If you cannot earn $100+ an hour with the WC500 we__ll return all your money. To date, no one has returned a kit!



  • High Profit: Average charge for repair: $55. Most jobs take 15 minutes and use less than $1 in materials.
  • High Demand: 1 in 4 cars have repairable windshield damage.
  • Easy to learn: includes pre-chipped practice glass and DVD
  • Strong repairs: UV-cured resin creates repairs you can guarantee won__t fail.
  • No Risk: 45 day money back guarantee.
satisfaction guaranteed

Always ships within 24 hours to:

USA $14 – $35.45 2-4 day delivery
Canada $56 3-7 day delivery
International $86 – $101 5-14 day delivery

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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