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ScratchOut 1 Paint Touchup System

ScratchOut 1 Paint Touchup System

25.00 LBS

Product Description

Repair minor paint damage on any color car in 20 minutes!

  • learn Learn in 2 hours
  • time Done in 20 minutes
  • profit Make $50 per car
FREE BONUS: Order today and get an extra 64 oz. excess paint remover ($50 value)!


satisfaction guaranteed

Product Description

Never turn away extra profit again:
Get the worldÌâ‰Ûªs most affordable paint touch up system, with accurate ColorDeck color matching.

Detailers and PDR Techs: Offer hassle-free scratch and chip repair.


Make more money, delight your customers, and offer something your competition doesnÌâ‰Ûªt.

  • No time consuming trips to buy just one bottle of paint.
  • No disappointing clients when the scratch wonÌâ‰Ûªt buff out.
  • No $3500+ investment or Ìâ‰ÛÏterritoryÌâ‰Û fees.

Ìâ‰ÛÏ$50 for 15 minutes of work.Ìâ‰Û

We can touch up any car we detail, no matter what color. I think [the ScratchOut kit] is a great addition to any detail operation.

Mike Iaranneli
Extreme Details | Sterling, VA

Ìâ‰ÛÏMore $ per dent.Ìâ‰Û

Gave this to my PDR tech. Customers love that we can both fix a dent and touch up any paint damage, all in one bill. Plus, provide touch up service to auto dealers, so we make more money per stop.

Brian Shaw
AutoPro1 | Altoona, PA

Auto Dealers: Sell cars quicker, for less.


Your detailers will become your onsite touch up techs in less than a day.

  • Stop spending $1000s you donÌâ‰Ûªt have to.
  • Never wait on a touch up vendor again.

Ìâ‰ÛÏEasier reconditioning.Ìâ‰Û

Our detailers like the ScratchOut system and finish every detail by recoloring little chips and scratches. It was an easy addition because ItÌâ‰Ûªs tidy, easy to use, and the repairs look great.

Justin Wren
Reconditioning Manager
WeBuyCars.com | Orange,CA

How ScratchOut matches every color, without the factory paint code.

Step 1

Step 1

Choose a matching color chip from among 330 color chips. Directions to mix the paint are below the color chip.

Step 2

Step 2

Mix and stir the paint: Ìâ‰ÛÏ10 drops medium blue : 10 drops medium-dark blueÌâ‰Û

Step 3

Step 3

Apply to the damaged area. Paint colors can be Ìâ‰ÛÏtintedÌâ‰Û by adding darker or lighter shades of paint. There is no color you cannot match.

Do more work, with faster color matching.
Match any color in 60 seconds. All metallics and pearls!
Learn all the tricks and tips of the pros. No experience necessary.
Study at home, with an instructional DVD and a user manual with color photos.
Try it, risk free, for 60 days.
If the ScratchOut kit doesnÌâ‰Ûªt delight your customers and elevate sales, return it for a 100% refund. We even refund the money you paid to have it shipped to you!

Think touch up repairs look like sh*t?
Your customers will flip for ScratchOutÌâ‰Ûªs blob-free repairs like these.

Ìâ‰ÛÏAmazing results for a small fee: customers love the value.Ìâ‰Û

As the owner of a mobile S.M.A.R.T repair business I was looking for a quick and easy way of touching up scratches and road rash as an alternative to mixing colour coded factory paint. The ScratchOut kit fit the bill perfectly by providing us with a very fast and inexpensive tool for minor touch ups. As opposed to matching factory waterborne paint and mixing with clear coat I can now use the provided color chart and mix a small amount for a small touch up in just minutes knowing this will be a lasting solution. This kit has paid it self over and over again and comes highly recommended.Ìâ‰Û

Bent Karlsen

Watch it work.
Learn how ScratchOut makes any repair easy.

Deep Scratch Repair: Metal (5:13)
Our fill-then-paint process makes smoother, less visible repairs.

Road Rash Repair: (3:01)
Recolor 1000s of tiny chips in just minutes: wipe onÌâ‰Û_and wipe off!

Deep Scratch Repair: Plastic (3:31)
Put down the spray gun: repair minor bumper rash with touch up.

Long Scratch Repair: (4:16)
Use a squeegee to prevent ugly brush strokes.

A reliable money maker for any auto appearance business.
Scratchout meets the different needs of this high volume detail shop and low volume mobile tech.

Ìâ‰ÛÏEasy for employees to use, but good enough for picky clients.Ìâ‰Û

You guys nailed it. IÌâ‰Ûªve tried expensive systems that donÌâ‰Ûªt catch on with my employees. But even new workers learn this quickly and they donÌâ‰Ûªt stop using it. Our best month, wholesale and retail, we billed out $4000 in touch up. Thanks so much.

Todd Tobacco
Q-TIPP Detail | Brewster, NY

Ìâ‰ÛÏNo more scrambling to buy small amounts of paint.Ìâ‰Û

Been using your touch up system for 2 years. Customers are happy with repairs. I like that I donÌâ‰Ûªt have to buy small amounts of paint from stores all over town because I have this in my van.

Benoit Prudhomme
Cuirmagik Mobile Services | Quebec Canada

Get supplies to repair over 1000 cars.
Most ScratchOut owners only need refills every 8 months!

Each 1 oz. paint bottle
repairs 25 cars.
4 year shelf life.


Order online, any time:
2-4 day delivery!

Kit contents :

Paint (urethane)

  • ColorDeck color selector
  • Black Paint: 6 bottles
  • Silver Paint: 6 bottles
  • Gold Paint: 6 bottles
  • Green Paint: 7 bottles
  • Blue Paint: 7 bottles
  • White Paint: 4 bottles
  • Red Paint: 6 bottles
  • Yellow Paint:  1 bottle
  • Orange Paint:  2 bottles
  • 4 Oz. Gloss Additive

Prep Chemicals

  • 28 oz. Excess Paint Remover (Ìâ‰ÛPaint LevelerÌâ‰Û)
  • 8 oz. Wax & Grease Remover
  • 4 oz. Reducer
  • 4 oz. Paint Thinner
  • Disposable Shop Towels
  • 100 Paper Cups


  • 6 brushes: 3 ultra-fine, 1 fine, 1 medium, 1 large
  • 2 beveled rubber squeegees
  • 1 foam block
  • 4 oz. Reducer
  • 4 oz. Paint Thinner

Say Ìâ‰ÛÏYesÌâ‰Û to Extra Profits!
Get the kit that delivers $100s in extra profits to over 1000 businesses like yours, every day.


FREE BONUS: Order today and get an extra 64 oz. excess paint remover ($50 value)!

satisfaction guaranteed

Always ships within 24 hours to:

USA $20 – 42.45 2-4 day delivery
Canada $94 3-7 day delivery
International $111 – $171 5 – 14 day delivery

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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