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Eazy Wheels: Gallon

Eazy Wheels: Gallon

8.68 LBS

Product Description

Eazy Wheels: Spotless wheels without the scrubbing. Spray on and hose off with this acid-based cleaner for quick results.
  • Breaks down stubborn brake dust. Dissolves and removes baked on brake dust after 60 seconds.
  • No wheel brush needed.The chemical alone separates dirt from the wheel's surface.
  • Safe on all OEM wheels, most aftermarket wheels, and chrome. Not for use on aluminum aftermarket wheels.
  • Wear gloves. The acid in Eazy Wheels should not contact bare skin, even when dissolved 10 parts water to 1 part chemical.
Save time and effort while prepping cars with the power Eazy Wheels.

Directions for use.

  1. Dilute 10:1 water:chemical.
  2. Mist onto cool wheels.
  3. Allow to dwell 60 seconds.
  4. Rinse clean with hose or pressure washer.
  5. No towel drying necessary.

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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Sema Ida

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