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DingPro__: Glue-Pulling Dent Removal System

DingPro__: Glue-Pulling Dent Removal System

9.00 LBS

Product Description

  • Make $75 per dent.
  • Done in 30 minutes
  • Learn in 10 hours

Repair basic door dents and pocket extra income with DingProÂ__, the only PDR glue pulling system to include a line board, DVD training, and business development guide.

  • Easy to learn and use. DVD teaches absolute beginners how to use the slide hammer and tap down tool in detail.
  • Produces flawless repairs.  Includes a reflection board that enables you to produce repairs with no high or low spots.
  • Sales and marketing training.  Tips on where to find customers that need basic dent repair, and how to ""close"" the sale.



Add Extra Profits:  DingPro™ makes it easy to repair basic dents.

The business argument for adding paintless dent repair to your business is strong:

  • Charge $75+ per dent.
  • 25-35 minutes labor per dent.
  • Just 30 cents in glue cost per dent.

But paintless dent removal is a time consuming and difficult-to-learn trade.  You don__t have enough time to learn _traditional PDR__ done from behind the panel with rods.   That__s why we created the DingPro™ glue pulling system, the easiest way to offer paintless dent repair to your customers.

DVD training, for the beginner.

You__ll learn dent repair from the ground up:

  • Precautions.
  • Analyzing dent types.
  • Tab selection.
  • Tips for finding the center of a dent.
  • Using the slide hammer.
  • Small dent demo.
  • Learning the line board:  identifying high spots and low spots.
  • Using the tap-down tool.
  • Tips and tricks.

Use our _line board__ to guide you to a perfect result.

Virtually all other glue pulling systems do not include a line board, yet the line board isessential to even basic dent repair:

  • Attaches to the car with a suction cup.
  • Line up the _stripe__ in the line board so its reflection intersects the reflection of the dent.  The dent distorts the appearance of the stripe:  low spots in the metal _pull__ the stripe toward the stripe, and high spots in the metal _push__ the stripe away.
  • Pull and push the dent until the stripe is straight, and you__re certain to have a flat dent with no low or high spots.

User manual helps you through _tough dents.__

If you run into trouble _in the field__ the DingPro™ user manual in your toolbox has color photos of common problems and their solutions:

  • Glue not adhering to the panel.
  • Trouble locating the center of the dent.
  • Identifying high spots and low spots.
  • Tab size selection.

Business development guide shows you where the customers are.

Fixing dents is half the job.  The other half is finding customers.  The included business development guide includes advice on:

  • Pricing:  retail and wholesale.
  • Sales:  presenting PDR as a _common sense__ service of saving time and money vs. traditional auto body repair.
  • Marketing:  where to find the customers who want and need basic dent removal service.

Learn basic dent removal in just 10 hours and enjoy $100s in extra daily income.  We guarantee it.

Watch the DVD, read the manual, and practice at home on your own cars.  Within 10 hours you will have the confidence to repair the basic door dings (less than 1.5 inches, no long creases, and not along body lines) you see on your customers__ cars every day.  Should you not find the DingPro™ system to be an easy to learn and use profit-generating tool for your business, return it to us and we__ll refund your money and shipping costs.

Make a risk free investment in your business:  Get a DingPro™ system today.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What are _basic__ dents?

A _basic__ dent is any dent that is not:

About 80% of dents fit the _basic__ standard.  There__s lots of damage the DingPro™ can fix.

Can I make this a full time business?

No.  Full time PDR techs are expected to do complicated work that takes years to learn.  DingPro™ is for detailers and other mobile techs who service a lot of cars every day and want to selectively fix basic dents for some extra profit.

There__s cheaper glue pulling kits.  Why DingPro™?

Because we__re the only kit to include:

  • DVD training.
  • Business development guide.
  • Reflection board to help locate the _center__ of dents
  • 100% money back guarantee.

It__s really the surest way to get from beginner to competent dent tech.

Can I really get customers fixing just the _easy__ dents?

Yes.  In fact, you already have these customers .  You probably notice basic door dings on your customers__ cars, wholesale or retail.  Why not spend an extra 30 – 60 minutes and collect another $75 – $150 in profit?

How often do I need to buy refills?

Maybe once every 6 months.  The kit comes with 20 glue sticks:  enough to repair around 75 dents.  Tabs rarely break.  You may have to buy 2 or 3 a year.

Does DingPro™ remove dents in plastic?

Yes!  Glue a tab to the center of the dent.  Then heat the area with a heat gun until it__s _soft.__  Carefully pull on the tab with the DingPro™__s chrome slidehammer until the dent comes _flat.__  Now heat the remaining _folds__ in the plastic and tap them flat with a mallet.

What__s a good schedule for learning the DingPro™ system?

2 hours a day of practice on your own cars for a week.  Or, more realistically, 1 hour of practice a day for 2 weeks.

You__ll be skilled enough to fix a dent in 45-60 minutes after about 10 hours of studying and practice.  Speed will come later, with repetition.


Watch the 90 second video and learn:

  • Dent _pulling__ with the DingPro™ slidehammer.
  • Dent _pushing__ with the DingPro™__s tap down tool
  • How the DingPro™__s _line board__ makes dent repair easy.


Always ships within 24 hours to:

USA $15 – $36.95 2-4 day delivery
Canada $74 3-7 day delivery
International $91 – $127 5-14 day delivery

How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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