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Cyclo Model 5 Single-Stage Polisher + Pads & Polish


Get your Cyclo with the best pads, polish, and wax…at a discount.


Product Description

A $399 value.  Save $50 on a matched system:

  • The world-famous Cyclo polisher.  $289 value.
  • 6 orange Cyclo-brand pads for scratch and swirl removal.  $22.95 value.
  • 6 green Cyclo-brand pads for polishing and waxing.  $22.95 value.
  • 32 oz. of Eazy Compound:  remove heavy, medium, and minor scratches with one product.  $32.95 value.
  • 32 oz. of Eazy Wax:  polish minor paint defects and apply long-lasting paint sealing with one product.  $22.95 value.
  • “Mastering Your Cyclo” Booklet:  tips and tricks for flawless paint polishing.  $20 value

Produce world-class shine without burning paint or leaving swirl marks.

Own the best polisher money can buy.  The Cyclo uses two heads that rotate in an overlapping circular motion to simulate hand polishing, only quicker.  Its unique pattern, speed, and weight make it perfect for:

  • Paint cutting
  • Paint compounding
  • Paint scratch removal
  • Paint polishing
  • Paint waxing

Cyclo has produced polishers since 1953 that are famous for:

  • Risk free polishing. Unlike a buffer, you can’t burn paint with a Cyclo.
  • Low vibration.  Unlike other orbital polishers (Flex, Porter Cable), the Cyclo’s VES (Vibration Elimination System) minimizes vibration that fatigues your joints and muscles.
  • Durability.  With 60 years of engineering, the Cyclo design is legendary for not letting its owner down.

BONUS Booklet:  “Mastering Your Cyclo:  Tips & Tricks for Flawless Paint Polishing.”

Applied Colors exclusive!  Learn to do a better job with your Cyclo, faster:

  • Scratch removal.  Remove clearcoat scratches like a rotary buffer with our combination of pad, compound, and added hand pressure.
  • Paint polishing.  Remove swirls and add gloss 25% faster with no loss in results.
  • Waxing.  Techniques for spreading wax 25% faster without creating “cleanup” work in trim and panel gaps.
  • Caring for your pads and Cyclo.  Discover simple ways to extend the life of your pads and polisher.

Cyclo Eazy Pack


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Additional Information

Weight 11.3 lbs


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