DetailingPro: Auto Detailing Business Startup Kit


Get the tools and study-at-home training to earn $100s daily as a car detailer, guaranteed.

Here’s an easy way to start a profitable and fun car detail business. Get the essential products you need to produce professional results, a copy of the Internet’s best-selling study-at-home auto detailing course, and a free website (with no fees to pay ever.)

If you don’t know what to buy or where to start, it’s all here in this tidy, affordable package!

Get Help When And Where You Need It
In addition to written instructions, you get 150 minutes of video demonstrations. Watch them at home or review them on a mobile device whenever, wherever you want.

The Auto Detailing Operations Manual

Learn sales, marketing, and technical tips from this well-organized book featuring color photos.

What’s In The 73 Page Book

  • Part One: Getting Started
    • Intoduction
    • Setting Up Your Business
    • Buying Equipment and Supplies
  • Part Two: The Detailing Process
    • Arrival and Setup
    • Engine Detailing
    • Floor Mats
    • Car Washing
    • Trunk Cleaning & Air Purging
    • Seats, Carpets, & Door Panels
    • Dashboard & Center Console
    • Paint Polishing
    • Paint Waxing
    • Windows
    • Condition Leather Seats
    • Finishing the Job
  • Part Three: Marketing
    • Overview
    • Marketing Offline
    • Online Marketing + Create Your Website
  • Part Four: Customer Service
    • Final Notes: Putting It All Together
    • Advanced Issues And Their Simple Fixes
    • Post Your Craigslist Flyer

DVD Training:  Learn By Example

See how it is done in these videos:

  • Engine Detailing
  • What to Wear
  • Wash, Jambs, Wheels, and Wheel Wells
  • Claybar Treatment
  • Floormat Shampooing
  • Air Purging
  • Headliners and Trunks
  • Plastic Interior Panels
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Interior Door Panels
  • Leather Seat Cleaning
  • Steering Wheel, Vents, and Gauges
  • Road Tar Removal
  • Dressing Rubber and Plastic
  • Polishing and Waxing in One Step
  • Wax Removal and Surface Inspection
  • Chrome Trim Cleaning and Polishing
  • Window Cleaning: The Two Towel Method

After 11 years…still learning.
I run a car detailing business on the Gold Coast of Australia. Even with over 11 years of experience, I found quite a few useful tips in your course that I added to my work process. Thanks Bob.
Fabiano Salsa
Fabs Car Detailing, Gold Coast, Australia

Quickly Establish Your Web Presence

Having an online presence is important, but paying someone to build a website can cost at least several hundred dollars and take a lot of time. We show you how to set up your own site, for free, and it only takes about 15 minutes. In addition we also tell you how to optimize it for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing searches within your city.

With the site editor you can upload details about your company, description of services offered and prices, before-and-after images to showcase the quality of your work, contact information, and more. There is also a video on how to update your information as your company grows and you need to edit and add new content.

Finally, we also help set up an ad for Craigslist, used by over 50 million people each month in the United States alone.


Got my money’s worth…and more!
Your course has served me tremendously in launching and expanding my mobile detailing operation. Most of my business comes from the free website you provided. Thank you!
Ty Ascherman
On The Spot Mobile Detailing: Seaside, OR

Product Details


  • 1 gallon EazyGlass glass-cleaning concentrate
  • 1 gallon EazyWheels maximum strength wheel cleaner
  • 1 gallon EazyDressing tire and plastic dressing
  • 1 gallon EazyInterior multi-purpose leather, vinyl, plastic, and carpet cleaner
  • 1 gallon EazySprayDetailer wax spray detailer
  • 1 gallon EazyDegreaser engine and door jamb degreaser
  • 6 color-coded spray bottles with chemical-resistant triggers
  • 16 oz. StainBlaster carpet stain remover

Polisher, pads, polish, and wax

  • Cyclo dual-head paint polisher
  • (2) Cyclo waxing pads
  • (2) Cyclo polishing pads
  • 32 oz. EazyCompound paint compound
  • 32 oz. EazyWax polish-and-wax combo

Microfiber towels

  • 24 all-purpose microfiber cleaning towels
  • 12 polishing and waxing microfiber towels
  • 4 lint-free glass cleaning microfiber towels

Brushes and accessories

  • 2 stiff bristle carpet brushes
  • 2 dual-head “toothbrushes”
  • 1 soft bristle interior detailing brush
  • 1 stiff bristle interior detailing brush
  • Pet hair removal “stone”
  • Bug-removal sponge
  • Extra large synthetic drying chamois
  • Extra-fine steel wool
  • Fine-grade purple clay bar


This is the good stuff.
“Your equipment and supplies work exactly as advertised. I know I’ve got a solution anything a customer brings to me.”
Frank Setzer
Pro Car Mobile Detailing. Bergen, NJ.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping and how long until my order arrives?
$60 – $200 via Fedex Ground, depending on your distance from Oregon. Add to cart to check your shipping cost. West coat orders should arrive in 3 days, midwest in 4-5, and eastern in 5-6. We do not ship the Auto Detailing Startup Package internationally.

What else do I need to start my car detailing business?
We left out a few bulky items that wouldn’t be practical to include because of shipping costs:

Why buy a detailing start up system from Applied Colors?

  • We do not include any unnecessary products. Other, more expensive systems out there include chemicals and accessories that you will seldom use use.
  • You’re getting top-notch training: study how to make cars sparkle in the reading material, then watch how it is done in the videos.
  • The free website.  As a new business there is no more efficient, reliable way to reach car owners in your area than online.
  • Success is guaranteed. You can invest with confidence because our startup package is backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee.

How long until I’m “in business”?
You can expect to study and practice for about 2 weeks until you’re ready to start making money.

How much can I make?
Full time detailers can profit over $100,000 in a good market after a few years. Part-time, you can bring in an extra $500 – $3000 a month.

I’m making money in just two weeks.
Bob, I’ve been in business for two weeks now and have 7 contracts with local car lots and doing 2 full details a day. My contracts are producing $2500.00 this month alone, I can’t thank you enough.
Ty Prince
Pro Prince Mobile Detailing: Raleigh NC

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