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Meet Our Customers

“It’s one of the more useful tools among my mobile detailing supplies.”

Meet Our Customers

Applied Colors Reviews: Meet our Customers

Thousands of Car Detailers, Car Dealers, and Mobile Techs profit $100 or more per car with Applied Colors equipment.  Read their stories…


Car Detailers:

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“Hello from Russia! Not long ago I purchased a set of “ScratchOut Paint Touchup system.” You can see an example of my work to repair scratches on the car door Toyota Camry.”

-Vladimir Lukyanov



“First I just wanted to say that your systems have really been helping me where I work. I have been able to add touch up and leather and vinyl recoloring to my arsenal and the owner has been very happy with the results and as a result I have made a few extra dollars!”

-Kevin R.



“The kits from Applied Colors are just what I was looking for: affordable, complete, and (what I personally consider very important) easy to learn via DVD. I saved a lot on high training fees and time, so I was profiting just a short time after purchase. On top of that, I was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery and after sales service, every e-mail is answered within a few hours. I can highly recommend it to every detailer who wants to offer add-ons.”

-Franky, LangueDoc Auto Detailing



“Just letting you know that I have basically got the hang of using the applied colors touch up kit & I am very pleased with the results to date. Customers are easy to come by they too seem very happy with the service.”

Mike Lynch, Australia Mike’s Car Cleaning



“We own two Applied Colors touch up kits. I chose the kit because it’s affordable and easy to learn. Most repairs take 10 minutes and we charge $40. Color matching is excellent, and feedback from customers has been positive. We do most of our work on a mobile basis, so we needed a system that’s compact. Their system fits in a tidy toolbox that doesn’t take up much room in our two vans. It’s easy to keep the items in the box organized. Customers ask for this service from us frequently, and now we can answer this request regardless of the color of their car. I think it’s a great addition to any detail operation.”

Mike Iarannelli: Owner of Extreme Details



“I’ve been using the Applied Colors touch up kit for a few months and am very happy with it. The colour guide works great and the quality of my repairs is enough to impress my clients. I run a car detailing business on the Gold Coast in Australia and this touch up system has been a great add on to my business. It’s one of the more useful tools among my mobile detailing supplies.”

Fabiano Salsa: Owner of Fab’s Car Detailing and Scratch Repair,
Gold Coast Australia



“I’ll start by saying I purchased a Paint touch-up kit from Applied Colors a few months ago. I’ve spoken with the owner, Robert, a couple of times about his kits and have actually driven up to Portland Oregon to meet with him for a “Personal demonstration”. Not only was I impressed with his willingness to meet with us, but his skill in using his kit. We’ve hand the opportunity to use the touch-up kit on a few of our clients cars with great success. Well, this last time I went to use it I had a difficult time getting on of the bottle open and hand it actually broke in my hand. I emailed Robert just to let him know how much trouble I had opening it and that I wanted to purchase a couple of replacement bottles. Well, Robert said that shouldn’t have happened and overnighted me 2 bottles of the product along with 3 empty replacement bottles and extra caps, just in case I needed them. All at no charge! I was very impressed with his customer service and his willingness to help. If any of you are looking to purchase a paint touch-up kit, I’d highly recommend the kits offered by Robert at Applied Colors.”

Mark Fowler: Owner of Pristine Detailing



“Thank you for the awesome service and equally awesome product.”

Shea Mirafuentes: Owner of Shea’s Luxury Detail




logo detailing company

“I bought a ScratchOut kit in 2009 and am happy with it. Great color matching on the Euro cars I service.”

Tomas Prochazka: Owner, Tommy Car Czechoslovakia



“A few weeks ago I repaired a scratch on a customers car that I had worked on previously but it was too deep to fully buff out. I used the squeegee method since I now have your system, the paint matched perfectly on the metallic paint and the blemish was reduced from a foot away..you had to look hard for it. The customer was very pleased and that gave me more confidence.”

Richard Lin, Orange, CA Showcar Detailing


Video:  New York detail shop adds big profit with our paint touch up system.

Meet Todd Tobacco, owner of Q-Tipp Treatment Detail Center in Brewster, NY. Owns the ScratchOut system and touches up 100 – 150 cars a month for a profit of $4000.






Mobile Techs:

“We have found your touchup kit to be very easy to learn and use. We charge $45/car for the touchup and scratch repair but for wholesalers it’s included in a total package price so they’re paying a lot less for it. We’re happy with that however, as it gives us an opportunity to let employees learn on the job. After doing 20 cars a day for a few days they get pretty good. The customer is very pleased. This prepares them for other car lots. We’ll need another kit or two soon.”

Jeremy Drake, Cocoa, FL Drake Auto Restoration



“I originally purchased the Applied Colors touch up paint system for my Paintless Dent Repair Technician. We get about $40 extra for fixing dents with basecoat damage.  Plus, it’s another service of its own that brings in extra sales on our route.  The thought was to use it as an easy and complete kit for those instances when the damaged area was also chipped or scratched. We used to carry a small selection of store bought touch-up. 9 times out of 10 we didn’t have the correct color and the tops always seemed to break. We could get a few uses out of the 8.95$ tube and would end up throwing the dried up remains away only to do it all over again. The Applied Colors paints have a very good shelf life, the kit is compact and we get great color matches. Well worth every penny.”

Brian Shaw: Owner of Auto Pro 1



“As the owner of a mobile S.M.A.R.T repair business I was looking for a quick and easy way of touching up scratches and road rash as an alternative to mixing colour coded factory paint. On a lot of cars I work on for owners or auto traders I get the question of touching up some minor scratch or road rash blemishes in addition to painting and blending out body panels. The ScratchOut kit fit the bill perfectly by providing us with a very fast and inexpensive tool for minor touch ups. As opposed to matching factory waterborne paint and mixing with clear coat I can now use the provided color chart and mix a small amount for a small touch up in just minutes knowing this will be a lasting solution. There’s no need for an IR lamp for curing. My customers are thrilled by the results and the relatively small fee. This kit has paid it self over and over again and comes highly recommended.”

Bent Karlsen: Owner of Color Vision Norway



“I wanted to thank you for the great job you have done in putting together your paint system. The DVD and manual are excellent.”

Dan Trenholm: Owner of Colortec, Medford OR



“Just received my kit in 7 days. Thank you for an excellent service.”

Ehsan Mandora: Saudi Arabia


“Using your touch up system is a breeze. We used to mix 1/4 oz. of paint with our old system. It was time consuming and wasteful.”

Sean Jones: Auto Trim Hawaii



“I bought few paint systems from you. They are good product because price is cheap and color matching is excellent. Could not find this solution in Finland, tried your company in USA, and have had good experiences with fast shipping and service from your company. Thanks.”

Ville Linden, Finland Kivenisku.com




“Been using your touch up system for 2 years. Customers are happy with repairs. I like that I don’t have to buy small amounts of paint from stores all over town because I have this in my van.”

Benoit Prudhomme. Quebec, Canada Cuirmagik.com


Video:  PDR tech describes why the ScratchOut™ kit is the “right fit and price” for his dent repair business.

We asked Jason Plummer, 10+ year PDR tech and owner of Northwest PDR to share his opinion of our ScratchOut™ chip and scratch repair kit.



Car Dealers:

auto dealer supplies

“Every car I buy, I touch up with this system. I only use vendors for big damage that requires spray outs.  Great color matching across all makes and models.  Very fast too.  The bottles go a long way, and I only need refills once a year.  It’s been a great fit for my business”

Josh Lawson: Owner, PDX Inspections




“Our detailers do our touch ups onsite with the Applied Colors kit. It’s worked out great on our used inventory. We no longer wait for specialists who charge us $50 a car.”

Mark Tinsley:  Manager, Toyota Town




“Love your touch up system and will be recommending it to our students.”

Dave Dunn:  Masters School of Auto Body Management




used car reconditioning supplies

“We buy hundreds of cars from many sources. There’s always minor paint damage on them and we’ve used the Applied Colors system as part of our in house reconditioning process. It’s worked out well. The system was easy to learn and apply. It’s not overly complicated, so anyone in our operation can perform the touch ups. I’d recommend it to dealers and wholesalers regardless of how large or small they are.”

Justin Wren: Reconditioning tech for  We Buy Cars




“We buy and sell large volumes of used cars (all makes) with minor paint damage. This system is perfect for us. Lots of money saved on vendor expenses.”

Dennis Legge: Body shop manager for Jerry Durant Auto Group


Video:  What happened when a classic car dealer tried the ScratchOut™ kit.

Randy Emery of Bad Boy Auto Sales was waiting on vendors who charged $40 to touch up his classic cars.  Could the ScratchOut kit produce the same quality work…in-house?



How We Started

It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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