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Auto detailing supplies:  why you need a paint touch up system.

Your customer admires her newly-detailed BMW, but looks puzzled.  She puts her finger on a small scratch.  She points out some rock chips.  The edge of her door is chipped.  “Can you touch those up with car polish?”  You’ve done lots of touch up for customers who have a small bottle of paint, but this customer has none so her scratches and chips go unrepaired.  She’s happy overall, but if you had the touch up paint you could have made her thrilled…the kind of customer that brags about your business to everyone she speaks to that day.

Offer something your competitors don’t.  And make more money per car.

Car Scratch Repair for Detailers

Most of it buffs out, but there is basecoat damage. What do you do?

Detail shops are everywhere.  Price competition is intense, especially with car care products and some cars are such “dogs” that you lose money on them (pet hair, water spots, carpet stains, etc.).  If you can offer a service that your competitors don’t, you don’t have to compete on price alone.  That’s why mobile auto detailing people and PDR techs make so much more than normal detailers…their skill is less common.

How much can you charge for touch up?  This varies, but on average, you can expect:

  1. Light damage (1 – 5 small chips or scratches): $30.
  2. Medium damage (5 – 10 small chips or scratches): $35.
  3. Heavy damage (10 – 15 small to medium chips or scratches): $50.
  4. Road rash of bumpers, hoods, mirrors, and fenders: $50 – $100.
  5. Deep, long scratch repair: $30 – $150.

5 reasons the ScratchOut kit is perfect for car detailers.

  1. Auto Touch up is easy to sell.  Your customers are already spending $150 – $300 on a detail so a $40 upsell isn’t unreasonable.  When checking in their car, point out chips and scratches that have gone beyond the clearcoat (note that you didn’t cause them!) and offer a quick estimate to touch them up.  Ace Car Reconditioning, where the ScratchOut kit was born, successfully sells touch up to one in three retail customers. It is among their key car detailing products.
  2. Wholesale auto detailing accounts love touch up service.  If you can repair chips and scratches for your car dealers, you’re making a more money per automotive and doing them a favor…they don’t have to call a touch up vendor out to their lot.  It’s a great selling point when approaching new accounts.
  3. DVD training.  You’re too busy to stop business and travel somewhere to learn a new skill.  That’s why we created a color user manual and training DVD that–together–get you ready for pro-quality touch up repairs in a few hours.  We not only train you, but we train you to expertly train your employees.
  4. Equipment Simplicity.  Detail shops are busy and employees come and go.  If a touch up system is going to work…it has to be simple.  Our industry-exclusive Color Deck makes color matching as easy as holding cardboard to a car.  Mixing paint is simple…just count the drops.  The entire kit–cleaners, cups, brushes, towels, paint–fits in one tidy toolbox…it’s an ideal addition to your fixed shop or mobile auto detailing equipment.
  5. A price for Car Care that fits a detailer’s budget.  Other touch up systems sell for $2500 and more.  That’s simply not affordable to most car detailers, whose most expensive piece of equipment might be a $1000 extractor, steamer, or heated pressure washer.  Supplies fit your budget as well:  $13 per bottle of paint.

Includes shipping charges: outbound and inbound.

Reviews from car detailers:

“We own two Applied Colors touch up kits.  I chose the kit because it’s affordable and easy to learn.  Most repairs take 10 minutes and we charge $40.  Color matching is excellent, and feedback from customers has been positive.  We do most of our work on a mobile basis, so we needed a system that’s compact.  Their system fits in a tidy toolbox that doesn’t take up much room in our two vans.  It’s easy to keep the items in the box organized.  Customers ask for this service from us frequently, and now we can answer this request regardless of the color of their car.  I think it’s a great addition to any detail operation.”

Mike Iarannelli: Owner of Extreme Details

“I’ve been using the Applied Colors touch up kit for a few months and am very happy with it.  The colour guide works great and the quality of my repairs is enough to impress my clients.  I run a car detailing business on the Gold Coast in Australia and this touch up system has been a great add on to my business.  It’s one of the more useful tools among my mobile detailing supplies.”

Fabiano Salsa: Owner of Fab’s Car Detailing and Scratch Repair, Gold Coast Australia

“I’ll start by saying I purchased a Paint touch-up kit from Applied Colors a few months ago. I’ve spoken with the owner, Robert, a couple of times about his kits and have actually driven up to Portland Oregon to meet with him for a “Personal demonstration”. Not only was I impressed with his willingness to meet with us, but his skill in using his kit. We’ve hand the opportunity to use the touch-up kit on a few of our clients cars with great success. Well, this last time I went to use it I had a difficult time getting on of the bottle open and hand it actually broke in my hand. I emailed Robert just to let him know how much trouble I had opening it and that I wanted to purchase a couple of replacement bottles. Well, Robert said that shouldn’t have happened and overnighted me 2 bottles of the product along with 3 empty replacement bottles and extra caps, just in case I needed them. All at no charge! I was very impressed with his customer service and his willingness to help.  If any of you are looking to purchase a paint touch-up kit, I’d highly recommend the kits offered by Robert at Applied Colors.”

Mark Fowler: Owner of Pristine Detailing

“Thank you for the awesome service and equally awesome product.”

Shea Mirafuentes: Owner of Shea’s Luxury Detail

logo detailing company“I bought a ScratchOut kit in 2009 and am happy with it.  Great color matching on the Euro cars I service.”

Tomas Prochazka:  Owner, Tommy Car Czechoslovakia 

Does it really work?

Meet Todd Tobacco, owner of Q-Tipp Treatment Detail Center in Brewster, NY.  Owns the ScratchOut system and touches up 100 – 150 cars a month for a profit of $4000.

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