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Car Dealer Supplies:  Can scratch and chip repair be done in-house?

Touch up is a 10 minute service you’re paying $40 per car for. Your staff can do  this. We guarantee it.

Believe it:  your detailers can do this.

Touch up is the simplest of all vendor services:  walk around the car a few times with a cup of paint and recolor the chips and scratches with a fine-tipped brush.  You’re paying vendors $40 per car for this and they’re finishing most cars in 10 minutes!  We created a foolproof system that you can integrate into your car detailing process.  Your detailers complete each detail by choosing a matching paint color from our Color Deck and lightly recoloring the chips and scratches with a brush.

Car dealers worldwide have integrated touch up into their detailing department successfully with our system.  Skeptical?  Give it a try:  our 45 day refund policy includes shipping in both directions.  It’s truly a risk-free trial.

5 reasons to add the ScratchOut system to your dealership.

  1. Reduced vendor costs.  Sell 400 used cars a year and you’re likely spending $16,000 annually on touch up.  After just 35 uses, the ScratchOut system ($1095) has paid for itself.   There’s plenty of paint for years to come:  the kit includes enough paint to repair 1100 cars.
  2. Fewer vendors = less hassle.  Managing vendors can be a headache.  Especially for our dealer friends in texas. Finding, paying, and waiting on them is a distraction.  Bringing touch up repair in house frees up your time and attention to making more sales.
  3. Easy to learn…right at your dealership.  We created a training process that works for car dealerships.  Your detailers first read the color manual.  Then they watch the DVD (the computers at your dealership have DVD players, right?).  Practice on a few cars, and within a few hours they’re ready to perform pro-quality touch up on your used inventory.  Stumped by a tough job?  Get free phone support from an ex-touchup tech at 503.770.0898.
  4. Simplicity of use.  Complex, hard-to-use tools gather dust!  We’ve sold to many dealers who bought $5000+ systems that went unused, but found that their staff loved our system for one reason…it’s simple.
  5. Ready-to-sell inventory.  Never get caught showing a car to a customer that’s littered with hundreds of rock chips.  Your inventory hits the lot with the chips and scratches fixed.  No waiting on vendors.  Reduced car lot supply overhead.
  6. A more profitable retail detailing department.  Upsell touch up service to your retail customers and collect an average of $40 extra per car.  Our customers report that one in three customers opt for touch up service…the best approval rate of all add-on services (PDR, tinting, windshield repair, clear bra, etc.).  A good touch up system is an automotive supply that complements your sales and retail detailing department.

Testimonials from car dealers:

auto dealer supplies

“Every car I buy, I touch up with this system. I only use vendors for big damage that requires spray outs.  Great color matching across all makes and models.  Very fast too.  The bottles go a long way, and I only need refills once a year.  It’s been a great fit for my business”

Josh Lawson: Owner, PDX Auto Inspections

“Our detailers do our touch ups onsite with the Applied Colors kit. It’s worked out great on our used inventory. We no longer wait for specialists who charge us $50 a car.”

Mark Tinsley:  Manager, Toyota Town

used car reconditioning supplies

“We buy hundreds of cars from many sources. There’s always minor paint damage on them and we’ve used the Applied Colors system as part of our in house reconditioning process. It’s worked out well. The system was easy to learn and apply. It’s not overly complicated, so anyone in our operation can perform the touch ups. I’d recommend it to dealers and wholesalers regardless of how large or small they are.”

Justin Wren: Reconditioning tech for

“We buy and sell large volumes of used cars (all makes) with minor paint damage. This system is perfect for us. Lots of money saved on vendor expenses.”

Dennis Legge: Body shop manager for Jerry Durant Auto Group

Video:  What happened when one dealer tried the ScratchOut kit…

Randy Emery of Bad Boy Auto Sales was waiting on vendors who charged $40 to touch up his classic cars.  Could the ScratchOut kit produce the same quality work…in-house?

DVD training, quick shipping, and tech support:  the ScratchOut kit was made for auto dealers.

You need suppliers that are reliable and available, so we ship refills within 24 hours via 2-3 day USPS Priority shipping. You also need help when you’re “in a corner” and we can walk you through a difficult repair on our tech line at 877.289.7312.  You put a lot of money into making your car lot and inventory presentable:  flags, pennants, signs, balloons, floor mats, decals, license plate frames, e-z lettering, vinyl stickers, hangers, pennants, under hood signs, etc. Bring your touch up in house and stop waiting on and paying for vendors.

Click here to learn how the ScratchOut kit works.  Save $1000s monthly by going “in house” with basic chip and scratch repair.


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Robert Keppel
Applied Colors

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