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“It’s one of the more useful tools among my mobile detailing supplies.”

Websites, Facebook, & More

Rebuild your car detailing website and book more details.

Wadner Cotez owns Allure Detail in the greater Los Angeles area. LA could have the most mobile detailers in the world. It’s brutally competitive. So how does Wadner stand above?  With a website that: Tells the owner’s story.  Look at his about us page. Proves he’s good.  Every page of his site has 50+ reviews, […]

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Finding the Cream of the Crop

If you want customers who appreciate and pay more for quality detail work, read on and I’ll share with you how I did this for my business, Visual Pro Detailing. In this article I’m going to focus on the following:  How to improve the quality of your customers.  How to phase out clients who are […]

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Get a $1000 website for $300.

If you can afford it, spend a minimum of $1000 on a website for your detailing, PDR, or other automotive appearance business.  Choose someone local with a reputation that you’ve verified. If you can’t, do this: Step 1:  Reserve domain. Time required:  10 min. Cost:  $15/yr Go to http://namecheap.com and follow the directions. Step 2: […]

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3 ways to get a lot more business from your auto appearance website.

Car detailers, PDR techs, and interior repair techs like yourself have a massive opportunity to make more money with a website because: Your business is visual, and so is the web.  What better way to win people over than with photos? Your customers are affluent, and therefore more likely to search for services online.  Busy car owners […]

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Meet the California detailer who uses Facebook to attract top-paying, car-crazy customers.

Are you constantly being told how important Facebook is to small businesses (like yours), but have NO IDEA what to do about it? Meet Richard Lin of ShowCar Detailing of Orange, County CA.  His Facebook page has one of the largest, most loyal followers among the 1000s of detailers promoting themselves on the 800,000,000 member […]

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The Reconditioner’s Guide to Craigslist

I saw an ad on Craigslist that shocked me. It was for a used Ferrari Enzo: $350,000. The dealership? The oldest Ferrari dealer in the country, Ron Tonkin’s Gran Turismo of Portland, OR. There was it was, freakin Enzo, advertised shoulder-to-shoulder with Kia Sephias and Ford Rangers. Did Gran Turismo get low balled?  Scammed?  I […]

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Groupon for Car Reconditioners: Let’s make a deal…or maybe not.

The latest trend sweeping the nation are daily deal sites such as Groupon, Dealfind and Living Social. The premise of these websites is to offer a daily “deal” at a heavily discounted price to a rabid fan base of subscribers for a price to local businesses. In essence, the site allows consumers to purchase “coupons” […]

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Websites for Car Reconditioners: Common Mistakes

Websites are possibly the perfect marketing tool for reconditioners.  First,  you offer a niche service that their customers won’t necessarily ask a friend about for a referral.  Second, your job is VISUAL, and a website gives you opportunity to offer visual proof that you are, indeed, the expert you claim to be.  And finally, detailing […]

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Facebook for Car Reconditioners: Never Lose a Good Customer Again

Let’s get some bad news on the table first:  a Facebook page won’t bring you much new business.  Think about it.  When you need a plumber, do go on Facebook?  Of course not…you ask around, you check Google, you read reviews, etc.  And your customers aren’t on Facebook looking for a dent service, a detail […]

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It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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