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Car Dealer Tips

Auto dealers: Get powerful management and sales tools, for less.

Do you have a hard time choosing the right vendor for any of these: CRM SEO SEM Social Media Management Websites DMS I recommend that you join Dealers United. They’re sort of the “Groupon” of car dealerships.  Over 5000 dealers have signed up.  What they do is find companies–the good ones–that help you run your dealership. […]

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4 hilarious car salesmen videos.

Ted “The Iceman Jackson” RV Bloopers Ralph Williams: Truth in Advertising F*ck you Baltimore” Bonus: “I used to detail my own cars, but I just don’t have time.” Make $100s more every day with our equipment. Our paint touch up, alloy wheel repair, and leather & vinyl recoloring systems make it easy to offer the […]

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Dealership video: 4 tips for producing car-for-sale videos that work.

Car dealers are becoming increasingly well skilled at selling through their websites. However, video production is an aspect of Internet marketing that car dealers still struggle with. Here are four important tips for improving your video process. 1.  Film in high definition. You aren’t presenting anything particularly new in a video that your customers don’t […]

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Automotive Social Media: 3 Things Your Car Dealership Must Know

Automotive Social Media Collaboration is Critical In your dealership, the service, finance,and sales don’t always work together.  Sometimes they actually compete with each other.  Unless they collaborate as a team, your automotive social media plan will fail.  For example, the service department may handle social media advertising for winter car services like tire checks, heater […]

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Car Dealer Social Media Strategies: 5 easy ways to sell more cars.

Car dealers looking to connect with their customers online simply must target the two largest resources:  Twitter and Facebook.  With over 600 million users combined, up to 30% of all web page views are attributed to Twitter and Facebook.  It’s clear to see why businesses are targeting this as a lucrative resource for leads, traffic […]

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Twitter for Car Dealers: 8 Reasons to Revive your Twitter campaign.

If you’ve been on the fence about implementing Twitter at your dealership, consider these 8 specific reasons to make the effort: 1. Twitter extends your brand message. It’s a unique way to reach a large number of people…for free.  Test your branding message and let your followers know how you’re different from the competition. 2. […]

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Auto Dealer Supplies: The 5 Must-Have Items Every Dealer Must Own

Auto Dealer Supplies Having a focused marketing plan and offering superb customer service may be your highest priorities from day to day. But there are small things like auto dealer supplies that can make a big difference in your profits. There are a lot of options for your money but you want to be sure […]

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It was 2006. A car detailer couldn't find affordable, easy-to-use add-on equipment to grow his business. So he made it himself.

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